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JPDF2HTML5 March 2016 Release Notes

JPDF2HTML5 March 2016 Release (01/03/2016)

Next Release: 5th April 2016



  • Reduced memory consumption
  • Improvements to SVG clipping code
  • Added support for blend modes on images and opacity on text
  • General bug fixes and improvements


Changes and Enhancements

24175: Reduce memory consumption
Altered internal threading implementation to improve memory usage

23754: Blend mode not applied to image
Implemented blend modes for images.

23591: Add support for opacity on text to SVG text output
Added to text

24128: Remove Hires mode in SVG image clipping
Now uses scaled image each time and ignore -DHires flag

23930: Rewrite SVG clipping code
Much simpler, faster and fixes several bugs

24122: Move JavaScript used for IE8 into IIFEs to prevent globals
Fixes issues that can occur merging multiple pages into a single file.

24050: Disable SVG Border by default
A page border is no longer written out by default. The decision was made that because the border does not exist within the source PDF file, therefore by default it should not appear in the converted content.
The border can still be enabled with setAddBorder.



23885: Allow for null clip on SVG images

23790: Broken font in PDF file not properly handled

23911: Layer not displayed as visible in Customer PDF

23823: Fonts not working in PDFtoSVG conversion using shapetext_selectable text modes

24171: IDRViewer on mobile can become unresponsive when attempting to navigate past document bounds

24210: Use Fill tag for video
Now fills space

23670: Images are showed as black squares in customer PDF



Changes and Enhancements

24182: Rasterize Form elements in SVG rather than embed as foreign elements

23917: Save as PDF does not work in Edge

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