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JPDF2HTML5 July 2016 Release Notes

JPDF2HTML5 July 2016 Release (05/07/2016)

Next Release: 2nd August 2016


  • Major Update to the IDR Viewer which seperates the UI from the core viewer functionality. Allowing you to design your own front end for the viewer.
  • Several Modern UI examples which are available to be used as they are or as an example of how you can build your own Viewer
  • Fonts are now being written to one directory when possible
  • General bug fixes and improvements


Changes and Enhancements

23466: IDRViewer rewrite
Major update to the IDRViewer that separates the UI from the core viewer functionality, which means that it is possible to design your own front end for the viewer completely from scratch. More details and documentation to follow.

24965: Share fonts
Fonts are now written out to a single directory and shared across pages where possible.

25769: New metadata fields inside properties.json
properties.json now contains pageLabels, fileName, thumbnailType & pageType.



25110: Issue in CCITT data stream in customer PDF
25541: Binary Type1 font file not correctly read
24637: Remove deprecated keepOriginalImage method as announced
25770: Display new URL for support page if jar double-clicked
25912: Errors not being being checked from OutputOptions

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