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JPDF2HTML5 August 2016 Release Notes

JPDF2HTML5 August 2016 Release (02/08/2016)

Next Release: 6th September 2016


  • Update Complete UI to more modern appearance
  • You are now able to configure the IDRViewer before the setup is called
  • The W/W2 Width values have been recoded to handle all cases.
  • There has also been lots of general bug fixes and improvements


Changes and Enhancements

26221: [IDRViewer] Update Complete UI to more modern appearance
Complete UI has been improved.

26325: [IDRViewer] Allow the viewer to be configured before setup is called
The following functions can now be called before setup is called. This allows the default settings to be changed before the viewer is loaded.

  • goToPage
  • setLayout
  • setZoom
  • setSelectMode

26326: [IDRViewer] Add version numbers to IDRViewer files
Version numbers will now be updated so it is clear when files have changed.

26072: Recode W/W2 width values
Rewritten to handle all cases

26186: Remove fontMode setting
The setFontMode and org.jpedal.pdf2html.fontMode settings have been removed.

The reasons we have removed this setting are:
– It caused lots of confusion as customers did not understand its purpose and confused it for other settings.
– It has been superseded by other developments. Our font conversion is now good enough that it is no longer useful to have this setting.
– We strongly recommend EMBED_ALL. Anything else can cause display issues. We have found that even embedded base families will change mappings and cause problems if the embedded version is not used.

Form attribute changes
– Form ID from the PDF form is no longer used as the element ID in HTML. We have some PDF files that do not use unique values for the form IDs which meant they would overwrite one another. We now generate a unique value.

– Form ID was also written out as pdfFieldName=”10 0 R”. This is not valid HTML and is removed.

– Form ID from the PDF form is now written out as the name property on the HTML tag, e.g. name=”formIdFromPdf”.

– We now write the the object reference for forms as data-objref=”value”. e.g. data-objref=”10 0 R”

– In general, the code did not behave consistently for all form types. The behavior is now consistent for all forms. All forms have a unique id generated by us. All forms have the ID/name from the PDF written out as name=”value”. All forms have the object reference written out as data-objref=”value”.



26136: Issue reading unicode values in popup

26251: Unescaped characters in SVG title
Unescaped characters in title now use HTML escape codes.

26252: Spaces not visible in font
Fix issue saving widths for fonts with newly generated space glyphs.

26181: [IDRViewer] HTML pages slow to load
Fixed issue in load manager that limits the number of HTML pages loaded concurrently.

26180: [IDRViewer] 1 page SVG documents not loading

26231: [IDRViewer] Horizontal panning not working in continuous mode

26242: [IDRViewer] Presentation layout zoom behavior issues for documents with changing page sizes

26314: [IDRViewer] Navigation not working on 2 page documents in Magazine layout

26206: [IDRViewer] Panning mode not working for HTML pages when loading from web server

26207: [IDRViewer] Not working in IE9
Fixed – removed use of classList as not supported in IE9.

26220: [IDRViewer] iPad has zoom behavior issues in Complete UI

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