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JPDF2HTML5 April 2016 Release Notes

JPDF2HTML5 April 2016 Release (05/04/2016)

Next Release: 3rd May 2016



  • Text handling Improvements
  • Deprecated KeepOriginalImage HTML/SVG option
  • General bug fixes and improvements


Changes and Enhancements

24663: Improvements to text grouping, splitting, and space adding
Large improvements to handling of text.

24251: Correctly separate out use of Subtype and FormType in code
Subtype no longer returns FT on Forms.

24632: Remove old edge case code
Simplifies code base

24630: Deprecated KeepOriginalImage HTML/SVG option
Change to code made



24232: Horizontal scaling is being wrongly overwritten when merging pages (e.g. in magazine and continuous modes)

24596: Error in Direct MS Office conversion via jpdf2html.jar
Fixed issue with DocumentToPDFConverter implementation on Linux.

24204: Hebrew character being replaced inocrrectly
Fixed incompatibility between some fonts’ original fsSelection value and version 3 OS/2 tables.

24413: Ensure one 1 title value used in HTML output for Forms tags

24545: Allow for StructTreeObj assigned String value of null

24445: Direct Dests objects not correctly handled in decoding Outline Data

24203: CID values containing return char not handled correctly in Outline Data

24436: Already decompressed flate stream not correctly handled

24173: Correctly map WingDing on Windows if no Encoding set

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