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JPDF2HTML5 May 2015 Release Notes

JPDF2HTML5 May 2015 Release (05/05/2015)

Next Release: 2nd June 2015



  • Improvements to shape code
  • Removal of JAI (switch to our own implementation)
  • Improvements to experimental IDRViewer
  • General bug fixes and improvements
  • 459 changesets with 780 changes to 306 files

Changes and Enhancements

20952: Increase shape accuracy
Default behaviour is now a hybrid mode where shapes consisting only of horizontal and vertical lines are aligned to the pixel grid to increase the sharpness. All other shapes now have an increased accuracy of 1 decimal place.

We have now deprecated the decimalsToRetainInShapes setting and plan to remove it in a future update. If you are a customer and think we should keep this setting please let us know.

18911: SVG: Only include clip path if required. (white lines appearing)
Feature added. Fixed some issues caused by the difference in how PDF and SVG display sub-pixels (SVG is more aggressive than PDF when clipping sub-pixels).

20684: Unused style classes are output in SVG files
Unused CSS classes are no longer output in SVG files.

20666: JAI no longer used and JAIHelper class deleted from code
Now uses our own custom Java implementation. Why are we abandoning ImageIO and JAI for image support?

20695: Remove isJpegOnServer JVM flag and JAIHelper methods getJPEG2000OnServer and getJPEG2000
No longer in latest version

20662: IDRViewer Improvements
Experimental: Can be enabled by setting -DexperimentalIDRViewer=true

20632: properties.json in content mode improvements
Experimental: Can be enabled by setting -DexperimentalProperties=true

20792: Add title and author to properties.json (enabled with -DexperimentalProperties=true)

20793: Change properties.js filename to properties.json

20794: Use title from PDF if set
Title from PDF file is now used in output if one is set.

20872: Deprecated Legacy classes ExtractPagesAsHTML/ExtractPagesAsSVG removed

20947: Remove unused file to reduce jar size
Unused file no longer in jar

16661: Reimplement blend modes



20416: Customer PDF with corrupted CMAP not correct

20740: Mask Issue in customer PDF

16958: [Decimal lines] Line missing from graphic

20823: IDR EPS Rendering Problem
Fixed appearance of some lines that appeared incorrectly.

20917: Bug in relative coordinate code

19289: [Customer File] Blue text dissapear
Fix issue causing text not to appear & glyph widths to be incorrect

20678: Password Bug Fix for carriage returns submitted by Leon Poyyayil
Added to code

20687: EncryptedSignature text not correctly decoded

20706: Fixed issue in reading Name if startref pointer not correct

20818: [IDRViewer] First page can have different automatic zoom level to other pages in SplitSpread mode
Fixed. Page 1 zoom will now match other pages.

20829: Text sometimes has wrong spacing in experimentalIDRViewer

15433: [IDRViewer] Fix fittopage sometimes causing scrollbar

20658: JQuery Error in FireFox prevents some pages from loading on local filesystem in experimental IDRViewer

20682: Experimental IDRViewer not working on mobile in svg_realtext_with_ie8fallback mode

20691: Malformed bookmarks cause fatal exception in conversion when using IDRViewer or experimentalProperties
Fixed in bug fix release on April 13th.

20692: SVG sometimes has incorrect bounds in experimental IDRViewer mode

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