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JPDF2HTML5 March 2015 Release Notes

JPDF2HTML5 March 2015 Release (03/03/2015)

(Next Release: 7th April 2015)



  • Switch to internal PNGEncoder to improve PNG output performance
  • Improved removal of unseen content
  • Work on experimental content/Viewer changes (see video)
  • General bug fixes and improvements

Changes and Enhancements

20298: Switch from ImageIO/JAI to internal PNG Encoder class to write out png images
Provides factor of 2 improvement in performance and offers additional features which will be used in later releases

13436: Offscreen text not being removed
Clip/crop checking code now handles all cases of text transformation.

20161: Avoid writing out unused fonts
Unused fonts are no longer output

20204: Use JSON to output bookmarks/outlines
Bookmarks are now output as JSON for the IDRViewer

20263: Shapes not checking clip/crop in all cases
Optimizes SVG files in some cases by removing shapes that are not visible.



17689: Text wrongly set as invisible if multiple BMC commands without BDC commands in Postscript stream

19774: Bug in PatternColorSpace code with certain values
Fixed issue with pattern colorspace

20143: DeviceGray should be default colorspace if none set

20177: Checkboxes not set if images disabled in HTML forms

20186: Images mask reversed in extreme cases

20202: Odd Mask issue with 1 bit RGB mask

20303: Use of Ampersand in HTML form name can break CSS in ouptut
Char now replaced with A so value still unique, consistent and safe to use

17680: HTML missing opening [ in text

20160: Text not splitting on font size change

20301: ObjectStore.isMultiThreaded flag has become final
Restored back to non-final and test added in regression tests

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