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JPDF2HTML5 July 2015 Release Notes

JPDF2HTML5 July 2015 Release (07/07/2015)

Next Release: 4th August 2015



  • Added option to enable PNG compression
  • New CompleteDocument setting in ContentOptions
  • IDRViewer bug fixes and improvements
  • General bug fixes and improvements

Changes and Enhancements

21611: Add conversion option to enable PNG compression
Rather than producing 24 bit RGB or 32 bit RGBA truecolor PNG images, instead the converter can now produce 8 bit palette images that have undergone quantization and dithering. This is a lossy compression, but visual quality remains very high.

Enabling compression will make conversion slower. On average, expect conversion time to at least double. File size saving can be significant. On files with large images, it is not unusual to see savings of 70-80% on the image file size.

More information about how the compression works: https://blog.idrsolutions.com/2015/07/how-to-generate-smaller-png-files-in-java/

Link to Javadoc for compressImages setting

21409: New CompleteDocument setting in ContentOptions
ContentOptions now has a setting CompleteDocument that when enabled, will write out each page as a valid HTML document that contains HTML, HEAD and BODY tags such that the file can be used as an iframe.

When disabled, just the page content inside a single DIV will be included in each file.

Link to Javadoc for completeDocument setting

21321: Changes to CONTENT mode
<!-- widthXheight --> comment has been removed from the top of HTML files. The containing div now has width and height set as styles.

The recommended way to access width and height is from the properties.json file.

21355: Simplify IDRViewer API
The API to setup the IDRViewer has been simplified.

21565: Increase accuracy of text matrix values
Small improvement to accuracy

21643: Move ‘insertIntoHead’ content to the bottom of the head tag
User code has been moved to the bottom of the head tag.

21285: Remove OutputDisplay.DVR as part of legacy code (and also OutputDisplay.DVR
Unused code removed



21648: IDRViewer bookmarks are not output in SVG mode

21649: IDRViewer panning not working on Chrome when viewing local documents

21379: IDRViewer: In magazine modes only one thumbnail has the highlight set

21516: IDRViewer continuous page bounds incorrect

21378: insertIntoHead not working in HTML

21035: Indexed mask not correctly handled if reused

21061: (56385)[Customer File] Document is faded

21210: XFA text missing in Customer PDF

21330: Single pixel transparent XForm image not correctly handled in Customer PDF

21382: Broken PDF does not open
Allow for xref pointing to itself

21320: Buffer underflow with some jpeg2000 images

21228: Poor image quality when clipped text used in PDF

21393: Space glyf not drawn in shape mode

20549: Remapped tab character causes issues in PDF2HTML conversion

21477: Unnecessary font weight and style sometimes output in SVG

21591: mutli-byte CID not correctly handled in customer PDF in <>Tj command

21620: Small dash value crashes JVM
Added workaround

21623: Broken customer PDF file opens in Acrobat but not JPedal

21459: Some PDFs with direct Perms object in Catalog object not correctly decoded

21612: Odd uses of comment (%) in PDf file causes issues in parser

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