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JPDF2HTML5 January 2015 Release Notes

JPDF2HTML5 January 2015 Release (06/01/2015)

(Next Release: 3rd February 2015)

JPDF2HTML5 Release Video




  • More control over image file type in output
  • Supporting IE8 is now an explicit choice
  • Transformed text improvements
  • General bug fixes and improvements

Changes and Enhancements

19416: Allow more control over image output type & use JPG where possible
The file type of images can now be controlled by overriding the DefaultIO class. See Javadocs for PDFtoHTML5Converter and CustomIO for more information.

Existing customers who override DefaultIO will need to update their code as the CustomIO interface has changed in order to allow customers to control the file type of images generated from PDF files in conversion.

In addition, Base64 images will now obey the type declared in DefaultIO. Previously they were hard-coded to PNG.

JPG is now used for page thumbnails and backgrounds (in image_* and *_ie8fallback text modes).

19479: Make supporting IE8 an explicit choice in all Text Modes

No longer do they contain fallback content for IE8. This is so that our content is not bloated for customers who do not require support for IE8.

Support for IE8 can be obtained in these text modes by using the _WITH_IE8FALLBACK variation of the text mode.

19493: Remove EOT as a default font for non IE8 fallback text modes
EOT fonts are no longer generated by default.
EOT fonts will, however, be enabled when an ie8 fallback text mode is used.
This can be overridden by setting the includedFonts setting.

17178: [IDRViewer] Loading bookmarks locally
Bookmarks are now stored within a JavaScript file. This means that bookmarks within the IDRViewer now work when the document is viewed locally.

19439: Add XFA message (System out println) to standard jar
Console will show message if XFA or FDF forms file used in non-Forms converter

19508: Deprecate setOverlay in HTMLConversionOptions to discourage use
Option added for a customer and not recommended for general use, therefore we have deprecated to discourage use.

19399: Remove deprecated settings tagged for removal
excludeMetaData, includeViewer, userLeftIndex and userRightIndex will now produce errors.

Use viewMode=content to replace excludeMetaData=true and includeViewer=false.

useLeftIndex and userRightIndex have no replacements. (They have not been functional for a long time anyway.)

convertOTFFonts has been removed. Please use setIncludedFonts to replace.



17679: HTML rotated text missing

18734: Incorrect width of transformed text
Fixed. The width calculation of transformed text is now much more accurate, fixing lots of cases where transformed text had an incorrect width applied. Most visible in SVG conversion, but applies to HTML also.

17529: Wingdings and Arial not correctly embedded in EmbeddedAll if font_id is actual font name

19537: Null pointer in customer PDF

19417: [IDRViewer] Page position issue on mobile when initial page width is smaller than devices screen width

17584: Text with ViewState set to OFF should be invisible

18315: Remove instances where .png is hardcoded
The file type of images generated from PDF files during conversion can now be controlled by overriding the DefaultIO class. For more information, see the Javadoc for PDFtoHTML5Converter & CustomIO classes.

19349: Transformed text has wrong transform

19351: Transformed text has wrong transform

19352: Transformed text has wrong transform

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