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JPDF2HTML5 February 2015 Release Notes

JPDF2HTML5 February 2015 Release (03/02/2015)

(Next Release: 3rd March 2015)



  • Non-functional text modes removed
  • Improvements to image code to handle complex cases
  • Improved JPG quality in image text modes
  • Added support for negative word spacing
  • General bug fixes and improvements

Changes and Enhancements

20074: Remove shapetext_selectable_with_ie8fallback text modes
image_shapetext_selectable_with_ie8fallback and svg_shapetext_selectable_with_ie8fallback have been removed. This is because IE8 does not support text selection of text which is invisible, nullifying the purpose of these text modes.

19140: Complete rewrite on SVG image code to handle rotated images
Completed major rewrite to handle all odd corner cases

19790: Add support for negative word spacing values
We now support negative word spacing

19874: Improve JPG quality in image text modes
Compression quality has been increased. This raises file size slightly, but it fixes quality issues seen particular cases.

19767: Code Tidy
Unused Android classes removed.

19791: Improve text grouping (where font size changes)
Reduced the tolerance of allowed font size change over a text block. Improves visual appearance of several files.



19056: Shading not correct on complex Coons/Tensor

19273: Mask incorrectly rotated in customer PDF in PDF2Image

19866: Cid escaped data not correctly read is CR present in stream followed by escaped char

19869: Zero bytes inserted before operands in stream cause exception

19900: Some complex PDF samplings in colour conversion not correctly handled

19915: Caching Type3 font causes issues on minority of Type3 fonts
Disabled caching

19888: Work around for rare bug in Java using Multiply opacity

19558: Opacity wrong on CMYK images makes text hard to read

19875: Drag pages are white in PageTurning mode when image text modes are used

17219: Image not ignored if Clip is zero width or height

18992: SMask not correctly applied

19289: Customer File – Blue text not visible
Fix issue causing text not to appear & glyph widths to be incorrect

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