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JPDF2HTML5 December 2015 Release Notes

JPDF2HTML5 December 2015 Release (01/12/2015)

Next Release: 5th January 2016



  • Word spacing is now precalculated
  • Large XFA Update (save filled forms to PDF!)
  • LibreOffice integration (Office Document to HTML5)
  • General bug fixes and improvements


Changes and Enhancements

23175: Enable hard-coded spacing (remove JavaScript spacing adjustment)
Word spacing is now precalculated meaning that text no longer jumps into place on page load.

XFA Update
A large XFA update which includes saving filled forms back to PDF from within the web browser without any external dependencies (currently working in all browsers except Edge).
Click here to see it in action!

23104: LibreOffice DocumentToPDF Integration
It is now possible to enable conversion of Office documents to HTML5 directly from JPDF2HTML5 by utilising LibreOffice to convert office documents to PDF. For more information, please see the Converting Office Documents to HTML5 support page.

Updated documentation
We have updated our support documentation and tutorials to better show how the available settings are controlled.

23156: Update setUseLegacyImageFileType setting
Due to customer feedback, the deprecation of setUseLegacyImageFileType has been removed.
Javadocs for this setting have been added to HTMLConversionOptions and SVGConversionOptions.

23158: Remove setDecimalsToRetainInShapes option
Has been deprecated since the May 2015 release and is now removed.

23135: Duplicate styles in multiple CSS classes
Duplicate styles no longer generated

23266: Missing space widths in some fonts
Added in sensible values for space width in font files which lack them due to PDF using it’s own spacing



22613: Hinted TT character not correctly handled

23155: Encrypted Annotation not correctly opened

23222: SMask being ignored in some files

22903: Some corrupted glyphs not correctly decoded in customer file

23152: Caching of images in HTML forms results in wrong display

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