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JPDF2HTML5 August 2015 Release Notes

JPDF2HTML5 August 2015 Release (04/08/2015)

Next Release: 1st September 2015



  • Improvements to compressImages option
  • Fixes for IE8
  • General bug fixes and improvements

Changes and Enhancements

21856: Add setCompressImages to HTMLConversionOptions and SVGConversionOptions Javadocs

21873: Improve compressImages option
Conversion performance when the compressImages option is enabled has been slightly improved, and the number of images that has reduced file size has increased.

21458: Possibility for duplicate transforms in CSS
Fixed. Files that had duplicated CSS transforms now have smaller file size and better performance.

21867: [IDRViewer] Disable view mode switching for 1 page documents
Dropdown removed for 1 page documents.



21792: image_shapetext_nonselectable text mode incorrectly writing out text

21708: Encoded image not decoded correctly.

21874: File throws exception in acroform code
DA stream no longer throws exception if font size not set in HTML output

21857: [IDRViewer] Sidebar navigation sometimes prevented if panning enabled in Chrome

21882: [IDRViewer] Select/Pan setting becomes inconsistent when switching between display modes

21868: [IDRViewer] View mode dropdown does not display correctly in IE8

21869: [IDRViewer] Text spacing too large in IE8 only in IDRViewer

21485: Font size very large in IE8 in some files

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