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JPDF2HTML5 April 2015 Release Notes

JPDF2HTML5 April 2015 Release (07/04/2015)

Latest Bug Fix Release: 13th April 2015
Next Release: 5th May 2015



  • Improvements to transformed text
  • Improvements to experimental IDRViewer
  • Experimental properties.json file in content mode
  • Custom JPeg2000 library in daily build soon
  • General bug fixes and improvements
  • 539 changesets with 748 changes to 254 files

Changes and Enhancements

17968: Improvements to transformed text
Fixes lots of display issues with transformed text in HTML and SVG. More accurate font sizes used. More accurate text lengths used.

20343: Combine CSS transforms in HTML for text with same transform but different X/Y coord
Implemented. Files with lots of transformed text now have a much smaller file size. Additionally, render performance is also improved with this change.

20662: IDRViewer Improvements
Experimental: Can be enabled by setting -DexperimentalIDRViewer=true

20632: Generate properties.json in content mode
Experimental: Can be enabled by setting -DexperimentalProperties=true

20633: Custom JPeg2000 Library with improved performance over JAI
Experimental: Available in the daily build for customers soon (follow us on social media to be notified when). JAI will no longer be required. Why are we abandoning our JAI usage in JPDF2HTML5?

20594: Implement vertical text scaling in SVG

20511: Tidy up jbook.js file
Removed surplus code in this file.

20659: Deprecate singlefile_splitspreads
In order to simplify the converter, we have deprecated the singlefile_splitspreads view mode through lack of use. If this affects you, please let us know.



Malformed bookmarks cause fatal exception in conversion when using IDRViewer or experimentalProperties
Fixed in bug fix release on April 13th.

20171: [Customer File] Bug Report (Edges of shape missing due to clip)

20230: Issue with text using thicker stroke

20288: Include code submission to make ASCII85 decoder on raw data if not multiple of 4

20314: Mask Opacity not correctly handled on some customer PDFs

20356: Incorrect rendering (Missing annotations)

20374: Map CourierNewPS-BoldMT to CourierBold onto Courier Bold

20391: Named Dest being encrypted not allowed for
Fixed. Thanks to the guys at anywherepad.com for the code fix.

20406: Missing Signatures

20449: 4 bit image with Mask not correctly handled

20453: Type 3 fonts needs caching on basis of color settings
Fixed (thanks to Daeja for suggestions on change)

20532: Chinese CID font not correctly handled

20438: Hex mulit-byte text values not correctly handled in customer file

20286: Links broken in html if page number used instead of Ref in Dest element

20360: Spaces incorrectly remapped

17730: Oblique Watermark in customer PDF not rendered correctly

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