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JPDF2HTML5 September 2014 Release Notes

JPDF2HTML5 September 2014 Release (02/09/2014)

(Next Release: 7th October 2014)


JPDF2HTML5 September Release Video




  • API changes to text modes
  • Default text mode changed
  • Large reductions to SVG file sizes
  • Improvements to SVG load performance
  • Improvements to provide better support for complex PDF structures
  • Ongoing font improvements
  • General bug fixes

Changes and Enhancements

18534: Create new IE8 fallback textmodes, deprecate _nofallback modes and switch behavior of SVG modes
svg_realtext, svg_shapetext_selectable and svg_shapetext_nonselectable text modes no longer write out the fallback image background.
svg_realtext_with_ie8fallback, svg_shapetext_selectable_with_ie8fallback and svg_shapetext_nonselectable_with_ie8fallback have been created which will write out the fallback image background, as well as include additional code to support IE8.
svg_realtext_nofallback, svg_shapetext_selectable_nofallback and svg_shapetext_nonselectable_nofallback are now deprecated.

18533: Change default text mode to SVG_REALTEXT
The default text mode is now SVG_REALTEXT.

18552: Improve conversion performance
Image output now occurs on a separate thread that queues images for output meaning that image IO no longer blocks decoding from continuing. This improves conversion performance by between 10% and 25% depending on the size and content of the PDF.
You MUST be using the PDFtoHTML5Converter class or running from jar. If you are using the old ExtractPagesAsHTML class you need to upgrade to PDFtoHTML5Converter in order to get the improvement.

18326: Reduce SVG file size: Group paths under same clip path
Where consecutive shape paths use the same clip path, they will now be grouped and have the clip path applied to the group. This reduces file size and improves load performance.

18229: Reduce SVG file size: Use relative commands where shorter
Added. Up to 50% file size improvement on some files!

18168: Reduce SVG file size: Cache clipPaths where possible
Clips are now combined where the same path is used. In one case this reduced the file size from 30MB to 1.2MB!

18434: Reduce SVG file size: Use CSS classes for path styles
SVG paths now use CSS styles. This reduces file size and improves load performance.

18517: Reduce SVG file size: Use CSS classes for text styles
Text in SVG now uses CSS classes for styling. This reduces file size and improves load performance.

18322: Reduce SVG file size: Better removal of shape commands with no relative movement
Now covers bezier curves and lines following bezier curves. Bezier curves are now replaced with lineto where possible.

18219: Reduce SVG file size: Remove opacity from images if not required
Small saving, but every little helps.

18378: Enable Pageturning for SVG text modes
Pageturning functionality is now enabled for SVG text modes

18404: trial jar signing
Trial jar is no longer signed


17231: SVG line rendering error
Fixed. PDFs that draw a dot with large line width no longer cause large black blocks on page.

17606: Rotated image not correctly displayed in hires mode

18113: HTML5 Ligature not correct in PDF

18470: Bug Report
Better handling of fonts with empty tables

18205: Fonts not working in *_selectable text modes
Fix mapping issue preventing some fonts from appearing in _selectable modes

18227: Inverted images not correctly scaled if scaled down in modes using SVG output

18147: Subsetted font with values not having matching Adobe Glyfs can throw npe

17237: Vertical lines not correct
Fixed. PDFs that draw a dot with large line width no longer cause large black blocks on page.

18526: SVG textmodes not displaying background in singlefile modes

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