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JPDF2HTML5 October 2014 Release Notes

JPDF2HTML5 October 2014 Release (07/10/2014)

(Next Release: 4th November 2014)


JPDF2HTML5 October Release Video





  • IDRViewer touch gestures on mobile
  • Extensive rewrite of image handling code
  • Improvements to Type 1 fonts
  • General bug fixes and improvements

Changes and Enhancements

18644: Recode image handling in HTML general case
Image handling code has undergone an extensive rewrite. This fixes cases of incorrect positioning due to complex transformations and clipping, as well as improving conversion performance by only
transforming the image once, achieved by rolling together all transforms into one.

18779: IDRViewer Touch Events for Mobile
The IDRViewer is now fully touch enabled on mobile. This includes pinch to zoom, double tap to zoom, momentum scrolling and more.

18807: Enable new mapping code for Type 1 fonts
Enable new mapping code for Type 1 fonts

18148: Spritesheet IDRViewer assets
All IDRViewer icons and the navigation background now use a spritesheet to reduce http requests & improve loading performance.


17091: [IDRViewer] Suggestion for HTML – momentum scrolling on iOS
IDRViewer now has momentum scrolling on iOS with the new touch events.

17733: image scaled wrong in hires SVG mode

18419: Fix Tab order in HTML to match that in XFA

18680: images broken in View Mode/Single Document

18208: Clicking and dragging the icons has unexpected behaviour for toggle/select
Fixed. No longer an issue with the spritesheeted icons.

15424: [IDRViewer] Check/fix functionality in IE8
IDRViewer is fully functional on IE8 when using an IMAGE_* or *_with_ie8fallback text mode.

15465: [IDRViewer] When you open tab, its shunts page to right
Fixed. Sidebar now overlays the page content.

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