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JPDF2HTML5 November 2014 Release Notes

JPDF2HTML5 November 2014 Release (04/11/2014)

(Next Release: 2nd December 2014)

JPDF2HTML5 November Release Video


Give us your input into the future Roadmap for 2015 for JPDF2HTML5 at http://bit.ly/idrsurvey2015


  • Improvements to handle broken & poorly constructed PDF files
  • Workarounds to handle browser bugs
  • Ongoing improvements to image handling code
  • General bug fixes and improvements

Changes and Enhancements

18892: Protect against malformed TrueType hinting programs
Add code to prevent hanging caused by incorrect hinting programs in fonts

19028: Broken PDF files hang if Compressed Objects contain unreadable garbage
Ensure code exits with Runtime error if unable to read Compressed Object.

19093: PDFtoSVGConverter is not using new image threading code with improved performance
PDFtoSVGConverter now uses new code with improved performance.

18972: Factor out FontMatrix due to Android Chrome bug
Remove non-default FontMatrix values & roll scaling into glyph descriptions and metrics

18611: Make PDFtoHTML5Converter.java use new PDFDecoder method for byte[] with password
PDFtoHTML5Converter now supports opening a passworded PDF file when using byte[] constructor.

15565: [IDRViewer] Disable next/prev buttons on first/last pages of singlefile and splitspread modes
Previous and next buttons are now greyed out for all view modes on the first and last pages.



19091: OutOfMemoryException on large PDF files
Fixed by limiting image output queue to 10 images.

15466: [IDRViewer] Internal links don’t pass viewer-data
Internal PDF links will now carry IDRViewer data such as current zoom, pan/select toggle etc.

15474: [IDRViewer] Single file thumbnail selection doesn’t update when scrolling
Thumbnail highlight now updates to match the current page in singlefile mode.

17539: Image with 1bit Smask not correctly displayed in HTML/SVG

17780: image missing/wrong
Fixed – ignore tiny rotations on images

17810: Scaling not correctly factored into 90 degree pages for image and thumbnail creation

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