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JPDF2HTML5 July 2014 Release Notes

JPDF2HTML5 July Release


  • New API classes PDFtoHTML5Converter and PDFtoSVGConverter
  • Javadoc improvements
  • Improvements to shape output in SVG files
  • Fixes for Customer issues

Changes and Enhancements

17522: Simpler API for PDF2HTML5 Converter
PDFtoHTML5Converter and PDFtoSVGConverter APIs added. Javadocs improved.

17495: Extra lines in SVG output
Improvements to shape code:
– Closepath following a moveto now omits the closepath
– Paths made up entirely from moveto and closepath commands are now omitted
– Paths ending with a moveto now have that moveto omitted
– Moveto following a moveto now omits the first movetoBug fixed where moveto was incorrectly omitted causing closepath to close to incorrect position solved.

17675: Push NavMode, TextMode and ViewMode interfaces out of ConversionOptions
[Internal change that should not affect customers] NavMode, TextMode and ViewMode are no longer interfaces within ConversionOptions. They are now within the org.jpedal.render.output.options package. Changed to simplify the Javadoc for ConversionOptions.


17488: Ensure any copying of HTML viewer images goes via CustomIO interface to user can override
Uses existing method in CustomIO to write out IDRviewer png images if needed

17461: Inverted image not correctly clipped in SVG mode

17415: JAI can cause corrupt images in some cases of Images
Use ImageIO in all cases (suggest post-processing with PNGQuant if image size an issue)

17240: [Text] Incorrect word splitting causing stretched text
Fixed: Dot trails (such as those found on contents pages) are now split from other text to improve text spacing.

17607: Bad value in text stream causing page content not to render
Fixed. Error checking tightened to account for bad values.

17589: corrupt font being created
Correct a broader range of glyf/loca tables with incomplete glyphs.

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