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JPDF2HTML5 December 2014 Release Notes

JPDF2HTML5 December 2014 Release (02/12/2014)

(Next Release: 6th January 2015)

JPDF2HTML5 December Release Video


Give us your input into the future Roadmap for 2015 for JPDF2HTML5 at http://bit.ly/idrsurvey2015


  • New vertical mode on mobile in page turning
  • Added support for complex shadings
  • Improved IDRViewer zoom handling
  • General bug fixes and improvements

Changes and Enhancements

19361: Page Turning Mobile Enhancement
Page turning now takes on a whole new appearance on mobile devices when the device is held portrait. Instead of displaying 2 pages side by side (leading to lots of wasted space above and below the pages), now a single page is shown with interactive swipe to change page, pinch to zoom and momentum scrolling.

17583: In non-real text modes use Arial if no font embedded to ensure something always displayed
Use Arial if font not available

15434: [IDRViewer] Improve zoom drop-down mechanism
Current selection is now retained between page navigation.

19107: [IDRViewer] On browser resize, current zoom option should be respected
Implemented. The current zoom will update when the browser is resized, for example if fit width is selected.

19319: Add flag to disable overlays in HTML (default is on)

17774: Text hidden on page in PDF visible in HTML conversion
Added code to spot text drawn over by a F rectangle

19347: Freeform and lattice form shading implementation
Added support for freeform and lattice form shadings

18893: Complex Radial Pattern Shape Capability
Added support for complex radial shape patterns



19209: Some cached colorspaces not correctly used

19222: Customer File – Character spacing issues

19223: Customer File – Overlapping text in header

19264: Relative commands not used when decimalsToRetain is a non-zero value

18882: IDRViewer can be zoomed in and out infinitely
Zoom limitations added.

19106: [IDRViewer] Artifacts appear in certain browser scalings between nav bar and display

18971: Vertical text scaling does not work in singlefile mode

19124: Pattern on stroked shape in PDF not correctly converted in HTML/SVG
Now supported in HTML conversion

19167: Opacity not correct on HTML image

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