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JPDF2HTML5 August 2014 Release Notes

Release date

1st August 2014

(Next Release: 2nd September 2014)


JPDF2HTML5 August Release



  • Conversion performance improvements
  • Page load time performance improvements
  • Improvements to transformed text
  • Improvements to XFA conversion

Changes and Enhancements

18088: Improve conversion performance
Speeds up conversion by up to 36%.

15957: Page load can be slow as JavaScript word spacing adjustment causing layout thrashing
Fixed. Our JavaScript no longer causes layout thrashing, and as a result the wordspacing is massively faster. If you are calling the spacing adjustment code yourself, you may need to update your code as we have removed the recursive fontAdjustments function previously required.

17968: Improvements to transformed text
Group together transformed text where it is defined in the same text draw command in the PDF. (In some cases, this results in a large file size improvements in files with lots of transformed text that was not previously grouped)
Fixes spacing being added where they shouldn’t.

17756: Deprecate ExtractPagesAs and change main class on jar
ExtractPagesAsHTML and ExtractPagesAsSVG are now deprecated.
We recommend that PDFtoHTML5Converter and PDFtoSVGConverter are now used instead.
The main class on jpdf2html.jar is now PDFtoHTML5Converter. It should have the same behavior when run from command line as before.


16072: Font issues
Improve IE font support

17853: Images not down-sampled in non-hires mode for HTML
Fixed in unrotated pages

17858: Spaces appearing where they shouldn’t
Fixed. Altered the value used to detect if a space needs to be added.

17652: ToolTips not working in IDRViewer

17534: Font too big/words crashing
Uses more accurate font size where possible.

17019: Font not being output -exception thrown
Allow for unusual mapping data when converting fonts

17718: Letters missing from right hand side
Fixes some cases of rotated text missing when near the edge of page

17251: org.jpedal.pdf2html.decimalsToRetainInShapePositions ignored for some graphics?

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