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Java Conversion Support

Java Tutorials to get you started in 5 minutes

Use these Step by step tutorials to setup conversion in Java with the Converter.


The documentation for the examples and key java classes is available JavaDocs for HTML/SVG converter or for download in standard JavaDoc format.

All the useful methods are documented. Some methods are required for use internally. They are included for completeness. If in doubt, please contact us for help.


Support Forums

Our developers monitor our PDF to HTML5/SVG support forum which is the recommend place to ask any related questions.



Technical Setup Configuration Tutorials Video Tutorials
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Technical Setup

  • Enhance your PDF to HTML5 Content Use these step by step tutorials to get the most out of your PDF to HTML5 converted content.
  • Setup your own PDF to HTML5 Converter This resource explains how to run the PDF2HTML5 converter in your java application server (Example: Glassfish or Apache Tomcat or JBoss etc..).
  • Navbar Options Show thumbnails if you are using our PDF viewer in your conversion.
  • Social Media Buttons Add links to Twitter, Facebook, etc if you are using our PDF viewer in your conversion.
  • Text Modes Use SVG or image for background, selectable text, no text, etc.
  • View Modes Layout pages as single pages, single file in continuous mode, split spreads, etc.

Configurations tutorials

Video Tutorials

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