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Terms of Use

By accessing and using the Cloud Converter you agree to use the service in agreement with the Terms of Use outlined below. The Terms of Use may be altered by IDRsolutions at any time.

Allowed Usage

You agree to use the service for evaluation purposes only. You understand that the service is intended to be used for the evaluation of the commercial software products provided by IDRsolutions.

Fair Use

You agree to comply with limitations of the service regarding the maximum number of conversions and the maximum file size of the files to be converted via the service. You agree to not attempt to bypass these limit by any means, this includes malicious activity and/or creating multiple accounts.

Service Uptime

You agree that the service does not offer any expectation of uptime. In the event that the service goes down for maintenance or due to an emergency, the user should not expect the service to be available in a given time frame.


You agree that this service is provided AS IS solely for its potential clients to evaluate the IDRsolutions software on a non-commercial basis and is provided with no warranty or support.


You agree to be responsible for the data that is converted via the service. You confirm that you own the rights to any material uploaded and verify that it does not break any UK or International laws (including obscenity, unlawful disclosure, discrimination, inflammatory content, copyright, libel). IDRsolutions is not responsible for monitoring the contents of the data that is given to the service.

Data Responsibility

You agree that you are responsible for data uploaded to the service. IDRsolutions is not responsible for providing backups of the data provided to the service and there should be no expectation of retrieving lost data.
With the exception of providing a publicly accessible link intended for downloaded converted files, IDRsolutions agrees not to sell or otherwise publish or redistribute uploaded files or data generated by the service.

Service Improvement

You agree that data given to the service can be used for the purpose of improving the service as well as any other software IDRsolutions provide.

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