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BuildVu makes your content easily accessible and provides real customer insights.

Advantages of converting PDF to

Load files faster

Buildvu doesn’t need to download the whole PDF file before viewing it because it uses lazy loading.

Measure performance

BuildVu will enable you to add analytics to your content. Which will give you vital performance data on
your content as well as the opportunity to learn about the demographics of your current readers.

No third party dependencies

Buildvu makes all of your content more accessible for your customers by removing the need to install any third
party software dependencies to their machine

Gain Control of your content

Buildvu allows you to take control of how your documents are displayed and provide an easier user experience by using the

Publish content everywhere

BuildVu makes it very simple to publish your content with a consistent interface
regardless of what device your customer is using

SEO options

BuildVu creates searchable content which can be indexed by search engines such as Google and Bing.

Here is a comparision

Below is a comparison between a converted document displayed in our HTML5 Viewer and the original PDF files in Adobe Illustrator. As you can see all of
the PDF colours, images and text have been accurately been reproduced using BuildVu.
Drag the button to see the difference between the two.

See for yourself how well it works

Wondering what your documents might look like when you’ve converted them?

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