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BuildVu converts PDF files to HTML5 for phone, tablet and computer.

BuildVu HTML5 document viewer

The BuildVu HTML5 document viewer is a pure HTML solution for natively displaying PDF and office documents in mobile, tablet and desktop web browsers.

The viewer is zero footprint and requires no external dependencies, plugins, additional downloads or app installations – it is 100% HTML5 and works in all major browsers regardless of platform. The BuildVu Viewer has been designed from the ground up for displaying way that makes the most of the platform, which means that tablets and smartphones support touch-based interaction such as pinch zooming and swipe navigation.

BuildVu document viewer Features


Mobile friendly

The IDRViewer is fully designed with smartphones and tablets in mind. Swipe navigation and pinch to
zoom make document browsing on mobile devices effortless.

Text selection

Unlike other document viewers on the market, the text you see is real, natively selectable text.


A lightweight viewer coupled with specially optimised content means that documents load quickly even
slow connections.

Superior Zooming

Natively rendered text and use of SVG mean that vector content remains vector and can expect no
loss of quality when zooming in.


Thumbnails are available in the sidebar and provide an easy way to navigate through the document.

PDF Bookmarks

Bookmarks in PDF files are fully preserved allowing convenient document navigation by clicking a
bookmark to go directly to that section or chapter.

Customizable look and feel

Make the IDRViewer look like it was designed especially for you by customising the appearance.

Developer API

JavaScript API allows developers to interact with the viewer and add custom functionality.

Cross Platform Compatibility

The IDRViewer works in all modern browsers, which means that it works on all devices (IE9+, Chrome,
Firefox, Opera, Safari on iPhone, iPad, Android, PC, Mac).

Multiple Document Formats

A wide range of office document formats are supported (including .pdf, .doc, .docx, .ppt, .pptx,
.xls, .xlsx and many more).





Example User Interfaces:


Complete User Interface


Clean User Interface


Simple User Interface


slideshow User Interface


How can I use the IDRViewer?

The IDRViewer is available as part of BuildVu, (PDF to HTML5 conversion tool). By utilising LibreOffice to convert office documents to PDF, BuildVu can then process the generated PDF files, allowing a wide range of office documents to be viewed online using the IDRViewer.

Try Online:

A range of sample documents that use the IDRViewer can be found on the sample document examples page. We also HTML5 Converter that is free for up to 30 files per month and can be used to try the IDRViewer with your own documents.