Navbar Options


For our PDF to HTML5 Converter we have our own home-grown viewer, the viewer makes it much easier to navigate between pages.

To the viewer you must set the flag: org.jpedal.pdf2html.navMode

Where navMode should equal one of these options:

  • noviewer
  • idrviewer

The default option is idrviewer

Examples of each option can be seen below:



This removes the navbar to display only the page, you will not have any form of page navigation :

describe the image


This mode is our default viewer, and consists of several buttons created using CSS that allow you to navigate the pages of the converted PDF.



On a page it looks like this:


To the left you will notice the following button :



Clicking the button highlighted in red will enable the left-hand navBar, your page will now look like this :



Your Navigation Bar will now look like this :



Clicking the Outlines button (highlighted in red) will allow you to view the boomarks or outlined sections of the converted document by clicking any of the listed links. After clicking the Outlines button your page will now look like this (notice the change to the left-sided navigation panel, it now displays the outlines) :



A feature you may have missed is that when you hover over any of the listed outlines it will inform you of what page it is on :



To navigate back to thumbnails mode, simply click the “Thumbnails” button (highlighted in red) :