JPedal Java PDF Library Downloads

Full Commercial Downloads

Click on a button beneath to access your download – Username and password sent on purchase.

Download jars are available in signed and unsigned versions. A debug version of each is also available. JPedal needs Java6 or higher.

Please note that the new GUI effects of the current release relies on Sun’s JAI libraries being on your classpath. You can get these and other optional jars at additional jars.

Please note, if you are looking to download the JPedal XFA Edition it can be downloaded here.

 Current Full Commercial Release
Signed Full Jar Signed Full Jar with Debug code Unsigned Full Jar Unsigned Full Jar with Debug Code
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Source Code Access

Our OEM customers can also download the JPedal source code. We recommend that unless instructed otherwise, download the standard souce code download only. The Daily source code download is representative our current “work in progress”. Source code downloads are setup by request. If you can’t access these downloads, contact us and we’ll sort out the access details for you.

 Source Code Access
OEM Only OEM Only Daily Build
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Daily Builds

Between our regular monthly updates, we also have a daily build most weekdays. This has passed all our automated tests but not had all the human testing used on the monthly release.

 Daily Builds
Signed Daily Unsigned Daily
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Some PDF files need additional jar libraries

  • JCE library is required for Encrypted files.
  • Download jar with CMaps for CID fonts. JPedal requires this in the classpath if you are using PDFs with CID fonts.
  • JAI can be used to enhance image handling, especially for Tiffs. Files with JPEG2000 encoded images will also need imageio.jar, which is part of JAI – we have included our modified version of imageio.jar. These can be downloaded from here

JPedal Release Notes: Latest Release

28th March 2014 (5.11b28)


  • Enhancements to XFA support
  • Lots of Internal work to support JavaFX Viewer
  • General fixes for customer files

13966: Disappearing forms in Costena

Fixed, forms not skipped when print actions within forms are executed

16221: OC value not correctly read in customer PDF


16230: Pattern color not correctly set in customer PDF


16231: npe in extracting structured text


16264: Text as image not displayed


16268: New Method XFAUtils.convertXFANameToZeroArrayFormat

Make it easy to alter form names to value used by IText

16311: Jpedal rendering problem

Added fix to ensure bookmarks functions correctly in continuous mode.

16322: Form data not correctly formatted

Fixed text alignment issue in text line form components

16314: Swing Viewer : Continuous & Continuous Facing BUG

Fixed, clicking the button for the current display mode no longer causes issue

16229: Page changes when resizing the window

Added fix for erroneous page change in continuous mode when window resized.

16212: npe in SwingPopup class

Fixed, files containing popups will not longer cause null pointer exceptions when setFont is called.

16217: White Box when opening viewer

Fixed, ensure opening of default file does not cause incorrect rendering on start up.

15988: Viewer Bug : 500% Resolution, No Thumbnails

Fixed, thumbnails are created at a reduced scaling to lower memory use

16175: Select page turning bug

Fixed, if file contains pages of different sizes then the page turn functionality is turned off for that file

16176: “Deselect All” option not working in Viewer

Fixed, Deselect all function no longer requires a manual repaint to update display

16177: Search term

Fixed, If not search results found the popup message contains the correct search term used

Click here for full details of changes/fixes in all JPedal builds in 2014.

Click here for full details of changes/fixes in all JPedal builds in 2013.

Click here for full details of changes/fixes in all JPedal builds pre 2012.


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